Thursday, 22 March 2012

Kid kicks other kid in face - gets arrested - starts race war

Police in Hong-Kong arrested a 10 year-old for punting another kid in the face during a game of football Honestly.

This was a youth game between ESF (English Schools Foundation) Lions and Kitchee Escola. The last time the two clubs faced each other Escola won 16-0 and this time the Lions wanted some revenge. In an ill-tempered game full of dirty challenges (I read that somewhere), one of the Escola players went down after a bad tackle. Some little shit from the Lions went over and kicked him square in the face.

Although he did not receive any serious injuries,  the parents of the booted child filed a police report- 
“I understand that the parent of the injured child has referred the matter to the police and we will cooperate fully with any police investigation,”  
Unfortunately the police released the child on bail. We live in a sensationalist time and it didn't take long for the internet to get involved and blow this story completely out of proportion. Since the ESF Lions are made up of expats and Escola players are predominately Asian, a racial twist was created to make this a more headline worth story. Lots of websites in Hong-Kong were labeling the Lions as "white bullies" to try and create a race war.

Luckily there are still some sensible people left in the world and the head of the Kitchee club, Ken Ng, made sure that World War 3 didn't start.
"Do not read too much into it, It is one boy kicking another boy." 
Well that's that settled then, as long as America don't get involved. They love fighting with Asians and probably still feel a bit embarrassed about getting their asses handed to them in Vietnam. I fully expect to see a ghost edit for that part.