Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Kenny Dalglish thinks points are overrated

Liverpool spent a lot of money on utter garbage this summer and so far it hasn't really worked out so well, with the club only maybe possibly set to finish with a European place this year.  Dalglish has pointed out that "kit deals are as good as points".

Dalglish's Liverpool return has seen him win the club's first trophy for a few years but has also been slightly tarnished with the fact he spent £18million on Stewart Downing, doesn't understand why racism is bad and the club is in almost the exact same league position as it was when they fired Roy Hodgson, but many millions of pounds later.  All in all I think he's done reeeeeeally well, particularly as new kit deals are definitely something that he's in charge of and the fact that if they lose tonight against Everton, they will actually drop below their age old rivals in the league.

The Scottish mumbler has defended his record passionately, saying:
"You look at the academy and see how much better it is. You look around here [at Melwood] and most of the people have got a smile on their faces now. The squad is stronger than it was last year. What other areas are there to improve on – apart from points?"
On one hand he might be right that restoring a club's background staff and general feeling of happiness is as important as winning games, but on the other he's completely wrong and if it had been anyone except Dalglish who said this the fans would want him burned.  On a similar note I also think it's wrong that upon seeing a coffin being prepared to be cremated in a furnace on tv the other day I immediately found my own brain asking myself if I'd like "cheese and toasted?" and then that I'd like southwest sauce please.  I'm really hungry.

Funeral sandwich jokes.