Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Juventus want Torres, are mental?

Turin giants Juventus are apparently keen to restore Fernando Torres' skills by bringing him to Italy because who needs sense when you have a bajillion euros?!

Having drawn 2-2 with AC Milan last night in the Coppa Italia, today's newspapers have seen the Old Lady linked with the Chelsea "striker" probably because they think Chelsea might sell him for a fiver and a signed picture of Del Piero.  The incredibly unreliable Metro has suggested that Juve want to take the player on loan next season with a potential permanent transfer written into the deal after, should he impress suitably.  At this stage in his career I'd not only be suitably impressed, but pleasantly surprised if he managed to deliver a sandwich to my table when I wanted one.  Or for that matter if anyone did.  Hint hint.

There's a 96th minute, 30 yard equaliser for you while I wait for my sandwich.