Friday, 16 March 2012

John Fashanu is a terrible person

To me John Fashanu was just that awful footballer, who became an even worse television presenter. I didn't realise he was an awful excuse for a footballer, presenter and human being. Confused? Read on.

Pictured above is Justin Fashanu, the brother of John. To this day he is the only professional player in Britain to openly come out as being homosexual. Unfortunately the footballing community didn't really react kindly to the news, an understatement. Fashanu received unbelievable abuse from the terraces and it got to the point where no club would even sign him. Probably because he would try to bum everyone in the changing rooms and give the other players gay. I'm clearly joking here and having a go at the attitudes of the time but I know what the internet is like these days so thought I better point that out before a Daily Mail hate campaign starts.

What an unbelievably brave thing for someone to do. Nobody has the balls to "come out" these days, he did it twenty years ago. In troubled times we look to our family for support. Justin turned to brother John, John turned to the Sun and gave his views on the subject, ""John Fashanu: My Gay Brother is an outcast" ,oh dear. Eventually unable to cope with the abuse and with allegations of sexual assault coming his way, Justin Fashanu committed suicide in 1998. The allegations were going to be dropped due to a lack of evidence.

I am bringing this up because John has been in the papers today.To summarise, he believes his brother wasn't gay and was just desperate for attention. What the fuck is that about? This is probably the worst quote of the lot - 
"My daughter was very close to her uncle and it has taken a long time for her to understand that Justin wasn’t really gay, he just wanted attention"
What a massive dick head. If there is any chance of you reading this, then you, John Fashanu are a disgrace and should be ashamed of yourself. You are clearly homophobic and I hope the ghost of your brother haunts you for the rest of your life, waking you up every night by farting on your face.