Thursday, 22 March 2012

Joey Barton hates bellend fans

Joey Barton was frustrated with QPR fans booing him in last night's game against Liverpool and because the only way he can communicate with the outside world is by rhythmically punching things or typing it on Twitter, he chose Twitter.

One of the other writer's of FitbaThatba's favourite hobbies appears to be annoying the midfielder on his favourite social networking site, but that hasn't stopped him from using it every. fucking. day.
"Disappointed with fans booing, we're meant to be in it together.[..]  Form is temporary, class is permanent. I was awful tonight. Worst I've ever played in my career.  But we won . . . and that's the most important thing. Onwards and upwards."
Ah well.  At least he cares and that's why he reacts, and I suppose it's probably a good thing that the fans are conducting quality control from the stands.  You can't let that drop or else you'll have Marlon Harewoods turning up at your club trying to get a game.  He's like that fly in the living room that you thought you'd already killed about three times before, but then he just keeps appearing in new places.  Wait a minute, maybe those were different flies.... which means maybe there is more than one Marlon Harewood.  Everybody, stay calm, we're through the other side..... THE INVASION HAS BEGUN!  There's no time for possessions!!!!!