Saturday, 10 March 2012

Jamie doesn't want Harry to be England manager

Harry Redknapp's son Jamie, star of occasional Sky Sports punditry, does not want the Spurs manager to take charge of England's national team because it might make his heart explode.

Harry is "everyone's" favourite candidate for the job but has still not been approached by the FA about the vacancy, if rumours are to be believed.  Very recently Harry Redknapp underwent heart surgery and the stresses of taking on the poisoned chalice of England are thought to concern his family, because obviously they will have more fun with him if he's not in a morgue.

Ponder this though my friends: Redknapp's rubbery face looks so much like a Jim Henson puppet that he may actually already be dead and currently controlled by typing commands into a computer like those educational games we used to get at school where you'd have to ask a bot questions and it would reply.  I'm not sure it would be quite as funny to ask Redknapp to get naked as when we did to that girl from World War 2 who wanted to help us on our 'quest' to learn history, but I guess we could try.

I don't know about you but when I was 13 my 'quest' was to see tits, no matter what the answer sheet we had to fill in said, and thinking about it now, not that much has really changed since then.  I'm nothing if not a noble warrior.