Monday, 26 March 2012

Inter Milan sack Ranieri

Claudio Ranieri has somehow managed to con his way into some of the biggest managerial positions in world football, most recently at Inter. Six months into that job, he's now been fired.

Our friend Andre Villas-Boas immediately turned off Jeremy Kyle and put on some pants upon hearing the news, seeing as the job will more than likely be offered to him.  Inter have a habit of getting rid of managers who don't win anything, and trophies aside, this extends to games, which Ranieri didn't get enough of.  Faced with an ageing squad in need of a complete overhaul and an overly expectant chairman, Inter need someone to lead them through a transition period and restore their former glories.  AVB could probably do it, but if takes the job he's gonna end up like one of those big titted sluts that gets married to dying oil tycoons.  But I guess no-one really loses in that situation anyway so whatever.