Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Ian Wright thinks QPR are relegated

Once upon a time, Ian Wright stole two children from their mother and raised them as his own.  One turned out to be wish granting midget Shaun Wright Phillips, but because his powers of magic have diminished over the years they won't be enough to save QPR from relegation, according to his new Dad.

Adopted father Ian Wright was a fair old striker in his day and has seen enough of football to accurately predict that Queens Park Rangers are completely fucked.  Mark Hughes doesn't have any ideas left for the misfiring side who haven't won any games in their last 49 games or something like that.  That statistic might not be accurate.
"you look at their run-in and I honestly can't see them getting a point out of that so it looks like, for me, Wigan, QPR and Wolves [to go down]."
I agree and look forward to the financial ruin they find themselves in when they realise that none of their players have relegation release clauses and don't want to move.  The only thing left to do at that club now is find Shaun Wright-Phillips and shake him so that I can steal the gold coins that will fall out.