Sunday, 25 March 2012

Hristo Stoichkov is good at threatening people

Bulgarian superhero Hristo Stoichkov has a novel approach to winning football games now that he's a manager, namely threatening the referee so that all the decisions go his way.  It's genius!

Referee Bogomil Marinov has accused the Litex Lovech manager of phoning him days after a 1-0 league victory, introducing himself as 'Hristo Stoichkov' and then insulting and threatening him.  It even says so below, look!
"He called me on Tuesday night, introduced himself and began to insult and threaten me," Marinov told the Association of Bulgarian football referees' website on Friday. "He told me that it had been my last match as a referee."
I can see now why perhaps my old girlfriends were so reluctant to answer the phone to me.  "Hey it's JJ and I'm watching you.  I can see what you're doing right now.  I'm going to destroy you!" does actually sound quite intimidating - and this guy is a full grown man, not a 19 year old hotty.  I don't know why I said the destroy part.  Ahhhh.... young love.

I say girlfriends, I mean girls I know.  That I followed home.  Some people are so precious!