Saturday, 17 March 2012

Hearts players are so selfish

Hearts signed a whole bunch of players over the last few years and then they gave them quite well paid contracts, and now those players still want to get paid?!  This is outrageous!  rabble rabble rabble

The club has failed to pay this month's players salaries on time, again, and rather than attribute blame to their own terrible business model have decided to take it out on those jerks that don't even get a game.  Referring to the club's fringe players, a spokesman said:
"They electe to stagnate, preferring to take the club's money while offering very little or nothing in return,"
Damn right.  That's everything good about capitalism!  Supply and demand, mother fuckers.  You want a player because he has skills, you pay him the appropriate amount of money - when it turns out he isn't very good and just wants to get paid because that's his job, well then mister you have a problem.  And this is the exact argument I'll be taking with me to the tribunal at my old job - I don't need lawyers.  If you employ someone that likes staring at tits don't get mad when I go around looking at tits, my friend.  I'm free like an eagle.