Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Hatem Ben Arfa wants to be the best around

Hatem Ben Arfa wants to be the best around and nothing's ever going to keep him down, because the tricky French winger has set his sights on becoming the world's best player.  Cue montage music.

Sidelined by two broken legs in the last three years (a statistic I may have made up), Ben Arfa hasn't had the best of times since his move to Newcastle United.  If there's one thing worse than having your legs broken it's losing your place in the starting 11 to a space alien, and as hard as Gabriel Obertan tries, no man should suffer that embarrassment. I think if or when Obertan eventually scores a hattrick for Newcastle he's going to be immediately beamed up to the mothership from the middle of the pitch.  It's either that or he'll return to the underground cave that he might also live in.  Anyway, Ben Arfa said:

“I see my ambitions the same now as at the start - to become one of the best. Of course I have lost a bit of time in my career, but, in my life, I have the impression I have gained some.
“Really, it is a shame that a career cannot be made between 24 and 40 years old because then I would have more chance.
"But let’s see in three or four years. Then, I see myself at the top, winning for example the World Cup in Brazil or the Ballon D’Or. Because I still have lots of dreams.” (MirrorFootball)
Ben Arfa is one of the most frustrating players to watch ever.  While he can quite comfortably tear a team apart when he wants to, the problem is that he always wants to.  There is nothing else he wants to do in life except dribble around absolutely everyone, which is exactly the reason we had my Uncle Dave put down.  It's legal if they ruin your new sofa.  I think.  My lawyer isn't very good to be honest, so that could be wrong.