Thursday, 22 March 2012

Harry Redknapp thinks something's gone wrong

Until a few weeks ago Harry Redknapp was the greatest manager this world had ever seen.  He led Spurs to the Champions League armed only with his wit, Gareth Bale and as many midfielders as his rich jewish boss would allow him to buy.  Now it's all gone tits up!

The 1-1 draw with Stoke is the latest in a sequence of sub-standard Spurs performances and now Redknapp's side look out of sorts in their bid to secure Champions League football for another year.
"We just seem to have lost our way, we're not playing with the same fluency," 
"If you look the best sides, sides like Barcelona, they don't suddenly start lumping it with five minutes to go, they play until they get an opening and we went away from that.
Because I'm currently reading Inverting the Pyramid that means that I know loads about football tactics so I can point out the misgivings in Tottenham's recent performances.  I'd like to start with the absence of any tits from this interview at all.  How do you expect me to pay attention if either I'm not mentioned in the story or no-one is having sex in it?  Jesus H Christ.  These reporters really need to do their research.  Shame on you sir.  Shame on you.