Sunday, 25 March 2012

Guns don't kill people, Egyptian football fans do

Things are going too well in Egypt right now and quite recently there were some delicious riots at an Al-Masry match.  Now that team has been banned and the fans aren't pleased.

Thanks to my horrific ignorance, the only thing I know about Egypt is roughly where it is on a map and also that aliens delivered the pyramids there back in 1852.  Following a court ruling to deal with the riots that occurred in Port Said, Al-Masry have been banned from competition for two years and rather than accepting the ruling with understanding and counter argument, a portion of their fans went absolutely tits and besieged a government building.  During the ensuing riots, hundreds fought, resulting in several wounded and one dead 13 year old.  Not even Rangers are this bad.

So now I also know about Egypt that people who support Al-Masry are incredibly violent and won't be coming to my next birthday party.  If there's one thing my Dad taught me it's that you don't want dead children at your party. "Son" he would say, "make sure no children die at your parties."