Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Gudni Bergsson is stabbed

Gudni Bergsson used to play for Bolton and if you thought that was the highlight of his career you were wrong, because now he's been stabbed.  Wait... I meant being stabbed is worse than living in Bolton.  It must be, right?

The Icelandic former international decided to become a lawyer after he 'hung up his boots' and it was during a normal Icelandic law day this week that one of his colleagues was attacked by some guy in the offices of their law firm.  Rushing to his compatriot's defence, Bergsson was then stabbed in the leg but fear not Fitba fans - he's out and absolutely fine! Don't worry, I had absolutely no idea who this guy was either until about 5 minutes ago but I also am very, very pleased to learn that he isn't dead.  The other guy might be dead though.  Let's check....

Yes it turns out the other guy is in a critical condition in hospital.  What a heart warming tale.