Monday, 26 March 2012

Glenn Hoddle wants to be the England manager again

Glenn Hoddle once said that disabled people were paying for crimes they had committed in a past life and was fired from being the England manager. Has he learned the error of his ways? Who cares? There's no news today!

England still haven't appointed a manager following the dismissal of evil Fabio Cappello and are fast running out of famous people to be linked with.  Former manager Hoddle did quite well with England in the 98 World Cup, only missing out on penalties after David Beckham's "famous" red card, and he's quite keen to get back into the swing of things:
"If I were to die tomorrow, my life would be incomplete," Hoddle, 54, told The Independent.
"Would I get that opportunity [to manage England again]? Probably not.
"But I think we have a batch of players capable of going to the Euros and doing well.
I have no idea if Hoddle still knows anything about football as the last time I saw him he was being boring on my television, but he can't be too bad of an appointment for the FA?  There's no way they can touch him after his controversial opinions and the fact he used to hire Mystic Meg's brother or something to help train the players' brains, but at least he can dream.

According to his belief system, if I were to start being really offensive to disabled people would I be....... reborn as Glenn Hoddle? As punishment?  Or reward?  And what gun would I start off with?  I don't like when you have to find a gun first because you always die. The Golden Gun was the best weapon, as long as you knew your way around the levels.  The new version on the PS3 is a good update but it lacks some of the romance of the original N64 game and for this reason I don't think I'll buy it.  I feel that my cranial path has ventured rather too far from this story to attempt going back.