Friday, 2 March 2012

Fraizer Campbell is a great Dad

Fraizer Campbell faced the impossible decision on Wednesday night, having to choose between being present for the once in a lifetime moment at the birth of his first child or to play 10 minutes as a substitute in England's completely pointless friendly against Holland.  I think he chose well.

The Sunderland striker was torn because playing for England has been a life long dream and he figured he might never get the chance again, what with his country having an abundance of great strikers like Wayne Rooney, and...... Darren Bent, I guess.  Welbeck?  Hmmmm.  Anyway, he told the Mirror:

"It was a great day which I'll never, ever forget. My girlfriend wasn't due until Monday and everyone told me that the first one is always late, so cheers for that guys!
"I am gutted to have missed the birth of my first child but at the same time if I'd have left she might have been born the day afterwards and I'd have been gutted not to have got the chance to play for England.
"I have had 18 months of missing football through injury and I will always be there for my daughter. I could get injured and never have the chance to play for England again and that would have been playing on my mind."
If there's one I thing I know about raising a child, it's that things their parents do don't have any real effect on how they turn out, so Fraizer should probably just chill out.  My parents left me to grow up in the shed outside when they went to parties but it's had no impact on me at all.  Now if you don't mind, I'm quite busy trying to stick this broom up my own anus but you should be able to see it on red tube later.  At least they pay attention to me there!