Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fernando Torres was tortured maybe

Fernando Torres' agent has been moaning about how badly his client was treated for being unable to perform the one task he was actually signed for.

Under AVB, Torres just 'wasn't considered the great player that he truly is' and Roberto Di Matteo has really brought the best out in him by playing him against a terrible championship side and letting him score.  The powers deep within Fernando's soul have been waiting to be unleashed but unfortunately for Chelsea and our departed Portuguese hero, he just didn't know what he was doing.  His agent said:
With Villas-Boas, he was not considered, but the arrival of Di Matteo on the bench has seen him return to have the trust that he deserves.
Yes I think we all learned a lesson from this particular story.  The lesson that Salomon Kalou is really a person and not a lizard like I first assumed when I saw his name on a team sheet.  I would have enjoyed that much *stares at sunrise*