Monday, 12 March 2012

Even bumble bees hate referees

A non-league game between Whyteleafe and Hythe Town was abandoned because the referee was stung by a bee. 

My first response was "what a pussy" but then I realised that he had an allergic reaction and could have died. Still, what a pussy. Only thirty minutes had been played when referee Ashley Slaughter collapsed to the ground. He required medical attention on the pitch and held up the play for at least another 30 minutes before the game was abandoned. Selfish.

Reports haven't been confirmed yet but before the game kicked off, Slaughter was overheard bragging to the linesman that he had stolen honey from "some bumble bee twat" and spoke in depth about how delicious it was on his toast that morning. If you want to watch it then you can. You need to skip to about 3:30 and I must warn you that it is really, really boring.

This is where I tell you my bee-sting related story, I've got a few. Perhaps the most disturbing was when I was about three years old on holiday in Cornwall. To cut a long story short, a bee stung me on my cock as I was taking a piss. I thought it might turn me into some half-bee/half-human super hero. Instead I just cried for about 12 hours.