Saturday, 17 March 2012

Escape from Molineux (york)

Wolves have to plan escape routes for their players now because apparently Wolverhampton is like John Carpenter's vision of 1997 Manhattan.  I have no idea if Kurt Russel is involved in the escape from Wolves' football ground, but it's definitely going to be a really shitty remake.  Terry Connor to star.

The last time Wolves lost, their fans got all angry and started attacking Jamie O'Hara while he was carrying his baby, and so the club have had to build a secret tunnel or just show the players where the fire exit is so they don't have to bother with all those retards again.

"There's other measures we can take. We'll be in the hands of the safety officers and stewards.
"I think it's just emphasising that there are other means for the players and staff to leave."
From this quote several newspapers have decided that Wolves have built some sort of escape exit where the players can flee and through a subterranean maze of tunnels get to their individual houses like in Fantastic Mr Fox.  I'd love to think that Terry Connor and Steven Fletcher have to be rescued by marines in the middle of the Molineux park because they lost a game to Manchester United.  "GET IN THE CHOPPER BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"

It's football you spastics.  It really doesn't matter.

In other news.... 1997?  WTF