Thursday, 15 March 2012

Eric Abidal needs a new liver

Barcelona legend Eric Abidal is set to undergo a liver transplant, so he'll probably miss a few games now.

His club has announced that over the next few weeks the French left back is going to have his liver swapped out for an even better one, so that he he has even more powers than before.  Actually I'm just messing around, it's so he doesn't die from cancer - the only disease that no-one likes jokes about.

Abidal has already made a comeback from a cancer battle and actually won the Champions League final with Barcelona a few weeks after having surgery to remove a tumour from his liver the last time, so everyone expects the transplant to go swimmingly.  In all seriousness, if they ended up amputating his legs during the same operation he'd still be better than about 90% of players in the SPL.