Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Edin Dzeko is bored

Do you remember a couple of years ago when everyone was like "omg Dzeko is totally the best striker in Europe" and then Man City signed him for £30 million?  I like that time.  Things were simple back then and also Dzeko wasn't bored out of his tits.

The Bosnian striker has had to spend most of this season on the bench, confined to the occasional late substitute appearance in City's league campaign.  With the return of Carlos Tevez somewhat imminent it is likely that highly rated forward will fall down the roster and he's not really keen for that, seeing as every club under the sun wanted to buy him before the move.

Mancini reckons Gonzalo Higuain would be happy picking up millions of £££ for sitting on his arse so he's going to try and swap the pair, according to newspaper stories I assume are based on pure speculation and probably aren't true.  Like that time they tried to disprove the bible by saying they found 'dinosaur bones' buried in the ground.  Yeh?  Well who put those there?  Christopher Columbus?  I didn't think so.