Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dunfermline are also poor

Dunfermline are so desperate to fit in with the other kids in modern football that they have mis-managed their finances enough to be unable to pay their own players.  Well done guys!

The Fife club has announced that it is having some small 'cash flow problems' which is why staff haven't yet received their wages for February and it's just another great advert for football in this country.  It is of course Rangers' fault because they owe the black and whites £85,000 from ticket sales but I'm pretty sure that isn't money you should expect to see anytime soon.  That's like when someone owes you a tenner but they say they'll get you a pint instead, and then you end up buying the next round anyway and before you know it you're drunk and that person has gone home with that hot girl from the bar you were talking to and you have to go home alone and watch old episodes of Blackadder and touch yourse....  Uhhhh.... I mean hahahaha!  What a funny analogy.  *sigh*

Anyway.... Dunfermline seem to run at a constant operating loss with no real business plan to stop money from flowing out into the rest of football land, instead hoping that the magic money fairy will deliver some gold cougarans for no reason.  Rangers have managed to pretty much ruin the entire league by first of all buying success, driving away any excitement from the SPL whatsoever by always winning and outspending the competition, and then making themselves look like giant penises (peni?) by failing to pay HMRC about £75million by trying to loophole the tax system.  I think it's great!