Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Didier Drogba likes charity, not jokes

Didier Drogba might look he grew up in the forrest hunting wild boar and fucking them but he's actually one of the greatest strikers the Premiership has ever had.  Also he had a charity ball thing the other night and some guy bought a training session with him, which he joked he'd give to Fernando Torres instead.

HAH HAAH AH AHA because Torres is awful now?  Did you get it?  The entire room 'erupted with laughter' at the joke made by a man who paid £15,000 to hang out with Drogba for a day, but the Ivorian striker stood dead pan.  Some say he knew that laughing would hurt Torres' feelings, some say he didn't hear what the guy said because his inner voices were ordering him to kill again and others say that if you can afford to spend £15,000 to hang out with Didier Drogba you definitely should.

It's our first birthday on the 28th so if you guys wanted to you know, get together and hire Didier Drogba to hang out with us for the day I'd be up for that.  The greatest day in my life would be if the doorbell went off and Drogba was just standing there waiting to go out murdering, or whatever it is he does outside of football.  "Raising money for charity".... sure thing.  Clever ruse, Didier.