Monday, 19 March 2012

Dalglish: "Stewart Downing isn't shit"

Stewart Downing might not look like he's been awful this season but he has.  For a bargain £19million he has scored no goals and set up a grand total of none in the Premiership.  Let's give him praise!

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish doesn't care about the Premier League stats because the FA Cup is where it's at.  In that competition the winger has scored two goals!
"It's his first year with us and that is sometimes a difficult one to get yourself through," said Dalglish
"But he was man of the match in the Carling Cup final and he has got us in the FA Cup semi-finals with that goal." (BBC Football)
And that's what you'd expect for a £19million player.  In no way did Liverpool overspend on that guy.
Don't worry though because he has potential!  He's only......27 which is supposed to be the peak age for a winger.  He has the attributes to be a good player - he can run quite fast, wiggle his body around to confuse opposition players, hit a ball towards where others are standing.... this guy should be on top of the world right now.  I haven't seen someone deceive financial investors so much since Invisible Children worked out how many idiots there are on Facebook.