Sunday, 25 March 2012

Crouch scores goal of season, Mancini annoyed

Peter Crouch scored the best goal he will ever score yesterday, taking a touch and volleying a 30 yard shot over his shoulder, and over Joe Hart's outstretched hands.  Then City equalised.  It was nice.

Please excuse the shitty video, it's not my fault that 12 year olds feel it necessary to add colour filters, r&b music and jump cuts to make a simple video 'get more views'.  I just want to see the goal!  And what a goal it was.

Stoke played their usual 'if the other team can't score they won't win' hoof and hit, which has actually worked wonders for them in the past few seasons, and Mancini was so infuriated with how shit they were and that his team couldn't beat them that he sent David Platt out to do post-match interviews.  He also didn't shake Pulis' hand after the game.  It's a bit like when your mate beats you at FIFA, even though he's shit, and you want to slam the controller down on his face, but then you realise you're at his house and you can't really break his controller, so you just shout 'FUUUUCKKKKK' and take a deep breath.  And then you go to the bathroom and slap your own face.  "Stay cool bro, you can beat this guy" and then you go out to a bar on your own and reassess your life.  Beer is so wise.

Oh yeh Yaya Toure also scored and the game finished 1-1. love you xxxxx