Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Chinese want a Frank Lampard. Also the other way around. lol

Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand have been linked with moves away from their respective clubs this coming summer seeing as they are both old and still demand to be paid like they were when they were 27 and still amazing.

Guizhou Renhe are one of China's Super League teams and they want to pay the English duo around £250,000 a week to bring their silky skills to our future new world leaders.  Desperate not to be out done by the fascist pigs in the west, China also has several bored billionaires who want to invest in football and Guizhou is the 'Chelsea' of the pack.  The owner (whose name is Wang hahahahaha) said:
I want the best team in China and we are prepared to invest a lot of money to bring Ferdinand and Lampard to us.
Many people here watch the Premier League and know how good the two players are.
I can only assume that they show Premier League re-runs recorded on VHS if these are the players they think will light up the league, or perhaps I'm just being a cock and they are actually a very realistic target for international marketing purposes and for the quality they would bring to a lower standard championship.  I think it might be the second one.  Why is this beacon of light all around me right now?