Saturday, 31 March 2012

Charlton turn down Rivaldo

Charlton have passed on the opportunity to sign Brazilian legend Rivaldo, stating that 'Rivaldo is sooooo 1998' and then driving a yacht over a water fall.  IT WAS FUCKING TERRIFYING

The 39 year old's advisors got in touch with the League One side because I assume he wants to play somewhere that his reputation alone can see him earn too much money, but Chris Powell saw straight through the ruse.  Rivaldo currently plays football in Angola which I'm going to ignorantly assume has a terrible football league and I just want to know what makes it so bad in that country that he'd consider Charlton a better place to live.

I'm joking, I've never actually been to Charlton or Angola but making fun of other people is much easier than writing anything clever.  I'd reference William Blake if I thought anyone would get the joke and also if I wasn't just saying that to sound like I even begin to know what I'm talking about.