Sunday, 25 March 2012

Celtic might win the league today

Celtic play Rangers today in yet another old firm derby.  If Celtic win then they win the league, even though there's a large part of the season to go.  The SPL is just so great like that.

Rangers have been linked with a number of rumoured bidders, most notably that of one from Singapore but I'm bored of that story and that's why I haven't really written about it recently.  Due to the 10 points deduction Rangers received as punishment for going into administration, and because of the 9 points they've dropped as a result of being shit, Celtic can claim the SPL trophy today at Ibrox.  Police around Scotland are all wetting their pants as thousands of absolute morons come out of the sewers to drink until violence becomes an acceptable part of their lexicon.

Celtic winning the SPL now is about as prestigious as if you were to win 'world's most handsome man' when the competition was your mum and sisters and your dad excluded himself from the running to make things fair.  Wait a minute...... that trophy is worthless!