Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Bradford & Crawley have a massive fight

Bradford lost 2-1 to Crawley last night and reacted the appropriate way after the final whistle, by punching the shit out of Crawley's players.

What surprised me the most about this, was the fact that they were actually punching each other. No slapping, no head-pressed-against-head-kissing/taunting but actual punching. Bradford is more of a Rugby League town so perhaps that's why they like to chase men around and punch them.  You can watch it if you want, no pressure.

This happened after the match and presumably the players and managers thought that there would be no action taken from the referee. Think again jabronis, the ref actually went into the changing rooms and picked out the players he thought were involved (i.e all of them) and gave them all red cards- three for Bradford and two for Crawley. I don't see the point in naming the players, it's League 2- I might as well just make names up ; Chester R Tuffin, Elliot Ramsbottom, Steven Springers, Kevin McNeddington and Roger P Willy.

Reactions from both managers are hilarious. The phrase "handbags" is always used in football but that can certainly not be applied here, despite the best efforts from both coaches. Bradford's manager Phil Parkinson said he will need to watch the DVDs before taking any action and Crawley manager Steve Evans believes it was nothing more than "pushing and shoving".  

Being the youngest of four brothers, I know all about pushing and shoving. One time me and my brother were involved in some pushing and shoving. He put a halt to proceedings with a swift knee-cap to my genitals. That was an embarrassing trip to the doctor. Did Michael Jacksons penis also change colour? If it didn't, I imagine that's exactly what I looked like. Shamon indeed.