Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Blue Knights will save Rangers maybe

A group called 'The Blue Knights' have confirmed they plan to buy Rangers and blah blah blah what a shocking outcome, I never saw this coming.

The group is headed up by Paul Murray, who used to be a Director of the club or something, and I really don't understand how all this liquidation stuff works but essentially Rangers are completely fucked for the next year or so, but then somehow the SPL will work out a way to get them up and running again in exchange for the voting system to change.  This voting system is one where changes to Scottish football have to be approved by an 11-1 to majority, therefore allowing the Old Firm to control what happens in their interests.

The Blue Knights are going to step in, sort out the mess and spend a few years getting stuff fixed, setting everything back to normal.

The whole fiasco is probably a fascinating read so if you want to find out more I'd recommend going somewhere like the BBC or basically anywhere that the person writing the article isn't 26 and doesn't own their own Penguin suit.  And also doesn't confuse the words stirling and sterling, and fool proof and full proof.