Saturday, 31 March 2012

Bendtner can't see

Nicklas Bendtner has revealed that he can't actually see what it is he's supposed to be looking at because his futuristic superhero mask actually blocks things out as opposed to letting him see in the dark or protect his broken nose or whatever it's meant to

The Sunderland striker has scored 3 goals in 5 games which is a new record in football because no-one has ever scored that many goals before.  Did you know that?  Now you do.  Put it on wikipedia.

Having finally settled into the goalscoring ways he should have about five years ago, Bendtner has been performing 'well'.  He also said:
'I will be wearing it on Tuesday and then taking it off for Saturday. I can't even see with it on. I give the ball away because I can't see sometimes. It's not good because sometimes if you see a run, your eye disappears in the mask so you are seeing out of the eye that you can't see the run. It's difficult (Daily Mail)

Ah yes. This is the exact same reason that I had to retire from junior football.  In no way was I terrible, it was simply the fact that the superhero mask I wore stopped my eyes from being able to see.  And also the batman costume was pretty heavy and looked ridiculous beneath the strip I was wearing.  I'm not even sure I was really on the team to be honest but by god I just love rugby tackling people dressed as batman when they least expect it.