Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Belgian player sent off for diving whilst being stretchered off

Diving is just the worst thing you can do in football, Gareth Bale, and it makes a mockery of the entire sport of soccer ball .  In Belgium the players take it particularly seriously and really go the extra mile when pretending to be injured.

As we can see in this video between two Belgian amateur teams, the referee refuses to be beaten by any playactor and has a no nonsense approach to eradicating the crime of faking injury.  This player is so committed to falsely trying to win a penalty that he managed make himself unconscious after purposefully causing his opponent to elbow him in the face, very hard.  As he lay motionless on a stretcher headed directly to hospital, the referee gave a second yellow card, sending him off.

Julien Lecomte suffered three displaced vertebrae and concussion as a result of the blatant dive but more importantly will hopefully miss the next few games so he doesn't do it again.  He needs to learn a lesson.