Monday, 5 March 2012

Barcelona don't want Gareth Bale anymore

Barcelona have thus far failed in their attempts to make Spurs sell Gareth Bale for cheap so have resorted to more playground tactics, no rabbit in a hat tricks, by saying that actually they don't want him.  AND THEY NEVER DID OK?

The super-ape has been in great form for Spurs this year, turning running in a straight line and shooting into the far post from being a frowned upon thing in 5-a-sides, to being awesome in real football.  I'm basing this story on a headline I may have misread online somewhere, but most things on the internet are pretty legit, so I'm just going to trust my instinct.  Like that time I picked up a hitchhiker and he went on to murder an entire village with his bare hands.  Life sure is funny sometimes.