Thursday, 29 March 2012

Balotelli and Mancini have a fight. The Earth rotates

As night follows day, Mancini falls out with Mario Balotelli. It must be hard to be the manager of a child trapped in the body of one of the world's most gifted young footballers. Despite being a bit of a twat, we all love Balotelli and the fact that he consistently pisses off Mancini makes me love him more.

Mancini looks like he is building up a big "fuck" in this picture and it's definitely aimed at Mario. It probably has something to do with Balotelli deciding to show up in Milan a few days ago to personally welcome Andrea Stramaccioni and wish him luck in his new role as manager of Inter Milan - his old team. 

Clearly incensed about something, Mancini screamed at him in front of all the staff and players at training and forced Mario to go and train by himself. When I was being a naughty boy in English back in my school days, I was always chucked out of class and banished to work in this dirty book closet. Little did my teacher know that I actually enjoyed sitting in their and writing nonsense whilst listening to my mini-disc player. It certainly beat listening to her inane drivel. I bet he's the same, although instead of a mini-disc he has a Ferrari.

Balotelli has only scored 4 goals in his last 13 games which is rather pants. The scene is still set for him and Tevez to score and win the league when they play against United. Either those two will combine to score the winner or they will have a fight and get sent off. The camera will cut to Mancini who dies as a result of a blod-clot in his brain that is formed from pure rage.