Thursday, 1 March 2012

Bahrain 10-0 Indonesia

Peter Taylor was once the caretaker manager of England, now he takes the reins at Bahrain. They needed to win by nine goals to have any chance of qualifying for the Asian World Cup. They won 10-0. I wish you could see my skeptical face.

This result is unbelievably dodgy. Previously to this game, their record win was 5-0 so to have any chance of finishing above Qatar in their group they needed to more or less double that. The last three meetings between Bahrain and Indonesia finished 2-0, 1-2 and 3-1. Hardly indicative of the 10-0 that was about to come.

Indonesia sent out their B-team and had their goalkeeper sent off after three minutes. I can only imagine the standard of Indonesia's B-team. Mind you, they would probably still beat Aberdeen. Bahrain could even afford to miss two penalties and still won 10-0. Now I wouldn't want to get myself in trouble but I think it's safe to say that perhaps a gentleman's agreement was made before this game was played?

Bahrain: We need to win by 9 goals but we need to make it look real
Indonesia: about this? We send out a team of 12 year olds and will make sure our goalkeeper gets himself sent off after three minute?
Bahrain: That sounds perfect! They won't suspect a thing! Now here is a giant sack of money.
Indonesia: Toss it on the pile