Wednesday, 7 March 2012

AVB will manage Roma instead probably

In and around the various AVB stories of the last few days there are varying reports that the man himself actually had a lunch date with Roma officials, in view of becoming their new manager at some point.

Because Pep Guardiola might quit while he's ahead at Barcelona, leaving behind a legacy as being the manager of the greatest club side of all time, the Catalan giants are said to be lining up former star Luis Enrique as his replacement.  This leaves Roma manager-less and Portugeuse is probably pretty similar to Italian so why not just get in young, super coach Andre Villas-Boas?  Nothing can go wrong, as the handsome one proved in his last jo..... ohhhhhh I nearly walked right in to that one.

I guess if they do sign him up and he can't speak Italian all the Brazilian players can just translate for him, or failing that he can just point at pictures on a white board and shout very loudly so they understand, like how you are supposed to in an Indian restaurant.