Sunday, 4 March 2012

AVB is sacked! Rap video ahoy.

AVB is sacked, but you know that, so here is a rap video I made about it instead.

That took ages to make.  Anyway, my most favouritest handsome manager was binned today for failing to win any points or control Frank Lampard's giant ego.  Roman Abramovich considered keeping the failing Portuguese youngster (34) for about 5 minutes before opening the trap door in his office and letting him fall to his doom.  Roberto Di Matteo woke up from a pizza induced afternoon nap to discover that he is the new manager in charge, and I'm pretty sure Stamford Bridge is just like the Death Star now.  Di Matteo better figure out how to negotiate an asteroid field or he's getting force choked too, which thinking about it would probably have been the most embarrassing way that Darth Vader could have been found dead.

See you later AVB!  I really hope you get another job soon and that this rap video goes on to make me a billionaire and then I can go on a course to learn how to rap better.  They have those, right?