Thursday, 15 March 2012

AVB is getting a job at Inter Milan

Because Andre Villas-Boas appears to be method acting as Jose Mourinho in order to one day actually become him, he's potentially following in his footsteps and taking charge at Inter Milan now that Claudio Ranieri is set be fired.

Inter Milan have been remarkably patient with Ranieri considering that they tend to replace a manager every 5 weeks just to keep things fresh and the also ex-Chelsea boss hasn't had his team performing very well recently.  It looks like his time might be running out in the San Siro, where he lives in a series of complicated and connected underground tunnels.

AVB has great navigation skills in the dark and this is why Inter want him so much because without powerful eyesight he would walk into things within this labyrinthian home and potentially perform more damage to himself than any human knew possible, by standing on an upright plug with his bare feet.

My bones shudder at the thought alone.  See also: standing on lego