Monday, 19 March 2012

Athens derby abandoned, riots and fun ensue

Over in the wonderful land of Greece their football league is completely ruined thanks to corruption and the fact that Olympiakos buy the league every year.  In the latest game between Panathinaikos and last year's league winners, some people got excited and it got abandoned.

Despite the police staffing an awful lot of people at the game and the fact that Olympiakos, and for that matter any, away fans were banned from being in the stadium because of being assholes previously, around 200 hooded youths managed to enter the Olympic stadium with iron bars and clubs.  "What's strange about that?" I hear you ask, and the answer would be "nothing" if we didn't live in the real world, where you aren't allowed to wander about with a weapon.  Absolutely no-one ever needs an iron bar at a football match.  I would suggest not letting them in in the future.

At some point during halftime these μαλακες decided that beating the absolute shit out of police officers and setting fire to their OWN stadium was a good idea, and so that's what they did.  From the Daily Mail:
[A]bout 30 of the hooded hooligans isolated two policemen and attacked them with clubs and bars. The beating went on for about five minutes before another detachment of riot police came to their colleagues' rescue. 
Coincidentally around this time Olympiakos took the lead and after that the entire match was abandoned as people literally fled for their lives, and others were beaten into a hospitalised state.  This sounds slightly more violent than the first game I ever saw which was Aberdeen reserves vs Rangers, where 14 year olds just told opposition players that they were dicks.  It's OK though because it rubs right off these professionals.

η ελλάδα είναι πολύ καλή συνήθως.