Saturday, 31 March 2012

Arshavin survives terrifying car crash

Andrei Arshavin was just an ordinary guy minding his own business in St Petersburg, Russia, when suddenly, things changed forever.

While he drove his car around the city nonchalantly singing along to 'I Get Around' by The Beach Boys, which is the best song ever made, from out of nowhere, another vehicle appeared and the two collided beneath an ensuing fireball and showers of glass and debris.  "THERE CAN'T BE ANY SURVIVORS FROM SUCH A DRAMATIC CRASH" the crowd screamed, the fear crippling their voices.... but they were wrong.  They hadn't counted on Arshavin's primal crash evading skills and his thirst for life. The Russian forward detailed the shocking ordeal on his website:
"To avoid the unnecessary gossip, I'd like to give a statement,

"It is true that I was involved in an accident today [Thursday], but I am okay and nobody got hurt.

"What do I remember of the incident? A tram driver gave me a grapefruit as he was passing by."
My god.  I need to sit down and take this in.  But hold on a minute... I am sitting down.....

A post about sitting down while I'm already sitting down writing about writing a post while sitting down?!!  Could it be........?????!??!?!?!!?!