Monday, 5 March 2012

Arsene Wenger wants to believe

Arsene Wenger has donned his finest Morgan Freeman suit to try and motivate Arsenal to an improbably victory over AC Milan in the return leg of the pair's Champions League fixture.

The Gunners managed to successfully concede 4 goals in the last match but Wenger thinks they can overcome this if they just believe in themselves.
"I said I don't live in a dream world - that means I know we have not created an easy situation, but when you are a top-level competitor, even if statistically we have a 5% chance, what is important is that we believe that we can be in this 5% chance," Wenger said.
It's real inspirational stuff and I think players like Abou Diaby and Andre Santos will be particularly aroused by this latest Hollywood-esque call to arms.  The only problem the team might face is that they put up about as much resistance to attacking football as the French army does to war or an obese person does when faced with the difficult task of not going to McDonalds when they are within a mile of one.  Stop taking your kids with you, fatty.