Friday, 2 March 2012

Arsene Wenger hates Belgium

As though it were already written in stone, most of Arsenal's best players picked up injuries during international friendly week and Arsene Wenger is really happy about it.  Absolutely delighted.

Thomas Vermaelen, or has his Mother calls him, 'The Verminator', played a full 90 minutes for Belgium on Wednesday night and has potentially aggravated an ankle injury that has kept him out of action for 2 months this season.  Wenger now says that he's going to try and complain about it, since that's what he spends 83% of his time doing.  The other 17% is split between sleeping, thinking of good human names for animals, trying to work out where Gervinho has hidden the treasure and drawing pictures of Robin van Persie on his desk.
"We have a problem with Vermaelen that we will have to assess today [Friday]. At the moment it is very hard to say [what his chances are of playing against Liverpool].
"They had a centre-back on the bench who did not play at all in a friendly game knowing that they do not even go to the European Championship.
I don't know who manages Belgium but a team with Kompany, Vermaelan, Hazard and Lukaku should be a good one, but if the team is going to be scared of being sued, they aren't going to perform as well as they should.  Perhaps they should all wear robot exoskeletons like in the end of Alien 3 like I suggested, but now I think about it I suppose it's possible the movie studio copyrighted that.  Yes, that must be the reason.