Thursday, 8 March 2012

Arsenal maybe sign Lukas Podolski

Arsenal have probably definitely signed Lukas Podolski from Cologne ending about a year of speculation linking the two together.

The Gunners have signed the German forward for £10.9million and will pay him about £100,000 a week which makes it look like they might finally be willing to break the ridiculous 'everyone is equal' wage scheme they had before.  Wenger thinks he's some kind of communist ruler and that to achieve perfect balance in the squad Theo Walcott should be on a wage par with Robin van Persie and Bacary Sagna.  Even Sagna isn't in the same league as van Persie so if Podolski is worth £100,000 then van Persie must be worth like.... £8billion a week.  Is that right?  That sounds like a lot of money to me.  It's probably right.