Friday, 16 March 2012

Anyone fancy the Dunfermline job?

According to the news, everyone is unemployed these days soooo...... any takers for the Dunfermline job?


Dunfermline manager Jim McIntyre has been sacked because he tried to not get relegated with a First Division squad. That was his first mistake.  I can't really decide if this is the worst job or the best job going in football since Dunfermline are dreadful and will definitely be relegated. They haven't won a single game at home this season which is incredible.

If you want the job, you will be paid decent money (I actually have no idea what you'll be paid but probably more than I make stacking shelves at Tesco) and will have absolutely no pressure or expectations from now until the end of the season. Hibernian have the worst team they have had in recent memory and even they are four points clear of Dunfermline, with a game in hand. Then again this is a league that saw Rangers deducted 10 points and absolutely nothing changed. What happens if someone buys them? Do we just pretend nothing happened? Anyway, back to Dunfermline. 

Things that may attract you to the job at Dunfermline are:
- You will be paid money no matter how bad a job you do.
- You might win some games next season in Division 1.

Things that may put you off the job at Dunfermline:
- You have to live in Dunfermline
- You won't win any games this season
- You have to live in Dunfermline.