Saturday, 10 March 2012

Abramovich has chosen his prey: Marcelo Bielsa

Roman Abramovich appears to hire football managers very much as though he sat in an evil lair and stares at Sky Sports through a crystal ball or just points at a random person from the 'What's Hot!' section of Manager Monthly, a magazine I just made up.  Now he wants that guy that manages Athletic Bilbao.

In a completely new business model, Abramovich has apparently decided to hire an exciting manager currently in charge of one of an over performing Spanish team because that's exactly what Chelsea need right now.  None of this experience, or proven track records winning trophies in the toughest leagues in the world - no, winning against Manchester United in the UEFA Cup, which I am never going to be able to stop calling it, is evidence alone that this guy can cut it at the top.

Sure, he managed Argentina and Chile, and yes the only reason I know stuff about him is because I read his wikipedia page but what you have to remember is that I spent my Friday evening playing FIFA and tidying my house, in what legend will refer to as 'the most exciting night ever'.

Also, the only person capable of meeting Roman Abramovich's standards is Professor Dumbledore, or for that matter, any fictional wizard.