Friday, 17 February 2012

Wayne Rooney buys a shapeshifting horse

Wayne Rooney has confounded nuclear weapon developers by creating or buying a shapeshifting horse capable of winning races and also morphing into various forms, like a larger horse, speedboat or smaller horse.

The horse is called Switcharooney which is how I first figured out the creature's metamorphosing abilities.  OMG I'm so wacky, it's actually a normal horse and it's going to be in some horse races.  I was on Twitter and some other websites and saw this story mentioned and I thought, 'my god, that is boring but I guarantee people will click on it and read more' and then I went 'and.... just one more thing' and I typed that into google.  Then all these Columbo posts came up on google and eventually I just started reading war stories on wikipedia and now several hours later, here I am.  I also saw the Muppets tonight and it was really good.  So anyway, how are you?