Thursday, 23 February 2012

Walter Smith is sensible

Walter Smith is an absolute genius for protecting his Rangers legacy and bailing when he saw the first bolt fall out of the side of the now sinking ship.  He's also happy enough with life to not want to move to Wolverhampton and manage their gypsy crew.

Smith has turned down the chance to manage Wolves and has left the midlands club looking like even larger plums than before they decided to take Mick McCarthy off the christmas card list.  It turns out that absolutely no-one wants to manage them because first of all their strip colour is horrible, they will definitely probably get relegated, the board has very unrealistic expectations and just absolutely no-one likes Wolves. Honestly I just want them to go away.  Smith said:
"I know Jez Moxey [Wolves chief executive] and knew I was more of a fall-back than anything. We didn't even get as far as discussing money.
"There was never a face-to-face meeting and we never discussed finance.
"If someone asks you, you're pleased to be asked, but the longer you think about it, you start to ask yourself whether it was right." (BBC Football)
When Walter Smith is rejecting your booty call advances you know it's time to change your life and meet some new people.  Also you need to stop going out and getting pissed by yourself, and I'm not even sure that's really Walter Smith's phone number anyway.  I certainly don't remember him sounding so asian on the tv.

Another possibility is that the Wolves board is actually controlled by wolves.  Now I don't want to alarm anyone here, but we're through the looking glass, people, play it reeeeeal cool.