Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tom Huddlestone is alive but injured

Until I read he was injured, I kind of forgot that Tom Huddlestone is alive. Remember him? He's the giant teddy bear that plays in midfield for Spurs.

Huddlestone is one of those players whose passing and first touch is so good that he gets away with being a professional footballer despite being fat. He is two footed and "a lovely striker of the ball" but with Parker and Modric running things in midfield, it's strange to think that the season they finished fourth in 09/10 Huddlestone played more games than any other outfield player.  Along with Sandro, they have two brilliant players just procrastinating in reserve and to stem the boredom of being on a bench, Sandro has become a master of karate, whilst Huddlestone just eats mexican chili heatwave Doritos.

The midfielder will definitely miss the rest of the season due to ankle ligament damage but they hope to have him back for pre-season. That gives him a bit more time to work on his DNA altering formula to help him lose weight in time for the start of the season.