Friday, 24 February 2012

Tom Cleverley might be injured again

Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley has had another scan on another part of his body after being taken off during his club's narrow 3-2 aggregate victory over Ajax in the Eurovision Song Contest this week.

Injury has prevented Tom Cleverley from playing in all but 9 games this year for the Old Trafford outfit but don't let that stop England managers from deciding that he's definitely ready to be capped.  Rumours that Cleverly could actually die are terrifying and have been dismissed by Alex Ferguson who said:
"He got a knock. We sent him for a scan but we don't think it's serious," 
Oooohhh sounds like someone isn't telling us something, like when my parents told me they'd given my dog away but then I found out that they'd actually had him put down because he was dangerous.  I was very sad because I really wanted to eat that dog.