Friday, 24 February 2012

Thierry Henry wants to sleep with the fishes, see?

Thierry Henry has hired a New York gang from the prohibition era to install a 40-foot fish tank in his London because he fucking can.  He's Thierry Henry, what else do you need to ask you jabroni?

I think you know you've started to get a little bit old when the first thing you think is 'WOW A MASSIVE FISH TANK' followed by 'I bet that would take ages to clean.  I should probably hire someone to do that' and then you realise that actually you're not even getting a fish tank at all.  What the fuck is going on here?  You can't just come over here, tell me I'm getting a 40 foot fish tank and then take it away.  What is this?  Going around showing off your massive house with your giant fish tank.

Seriously how would you clean that?  You'd have to get a diver to live in the tank but as another fish.  Dress him up like a giant clown fish and pretend he's not cleaning stuff.  Maybe after time they could communicate with the aquatic creatures, but then like George Bush said, one day I believe man and fish can co-exist peacefully.  When will the war end?